Sunday, July 17, 2011

the curtain

behind the curtain
of this world
the clapping
of muted

behind the curtain
of this world
the non-existent

behind the curtain
of this world
the box office
punches holes
in bibles

behind the curtain
of this world
umbilical cords
there is no
grand rehearsal

behind the curtain
of this world
acting dialogues
self erasing
Tabula rasa

behind the curtain
the microcosmic
grand scheme

© Costis Demos

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some crow poems

feathers of a crow
future quills
falling poems
on the calligraphic

crow claws
on marble shoulder
it departs
with the statues

in the eye
of the tornado
the ancient crow
the vortex of time

of the third
Edgar the crow
becomes the Raven

bird basin
but the crow
will drink water
from the moon

oval sunset
the crows flight comes
full circle

the crows wishing well
a sunset coin
of tomorrow

the crows shadow
stretching on the patio
night dragon

frost eyed crows
carrying away
ancient winters

crow and raven
having black coffee
inside the premises
of your deep

baby dragon
ancient crow
playing chess
on the carapace
of mother turtle

© Costis Demos

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pirate poems

the sailors pipe

exotic aether

fumes of ports


by the northern star

drunken sailor

his pirate parties

off the hook

red light on the ship

the sailor remembers her

under Chinese lanterns

the sailors eyes

star dipper in the depths

drunken mermaid

sailors shift

cyan poem dripping

from Aladdin's lamp

into the hull

of shipwrecks

the sailors parrot

port to port

mouth to beak


words of the world

pirates communion

fallen stars


in the goblet

of the full moon

the sailors eyes

emblazoned constellations


across sea born


the sailors eyes

wet star

dipper in the depths

night cap

drunken mermaid

the blind pirate

suspended in time

inside the eye of the storm

the one eyed pirate


at the falling star

mermaid tattoo

dancing on the sailors arm

he waves goodbye

© Costis Demos

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Under tree shade {series} kyoka / tanka

under tree shade

spring anxiety

that cocoon

has butterflies

in its stomach

under tree shade


I understand

the gravity of the situation

falling apple

under tree shade

the previous dreamer

forgot his dreams

where mine

linger now

under tree shade

ancient poems

spoken in the hollow


in the bark

under tree shade

warm union

I don't care

to see

the rest of the forest

under tree shade

I hitchhike

leaf to leaf

the way

to the sun

under tree shade

the private affairs

of a squirrel family

they are


under tree shade

the pages of T.S Eliot

fly like a bird


upon my nose

© Costis Demos

pic by juno

Friday, May 13, 2011

crowded subway train {series} - haiku/senryu

crowded subway train
everybody's thoughts

loud as silence

crowded subway train

Che Guevara T-shirt

above Armani jeans

crowded subway train

in someones shopping bag

a can of sardines

crowded subway train

people playing chicken

with each-others gaze

crowded subway train

next stop

high heels

crowded subway train

enough fashion statements

to blow your mind

crowded subway train

the meaningful use of soap

eludes some people

© Costis Demos